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DUI Attorney in Dayton

Most of the police officers, judges, and prosecutors know Larry from his many prior cases with them.  His reputation and experience over 37 years is invaluable in helping you get your case worked out.

A DUI or OVI is a criminal offense that will have a major and lasting effect on your daily life.  License suspensions, fines, and even jail time can be a result of a drunk driving conviction.  If you are stopped by the police and arrested for DUI, make a smart choice in who you call.

Choosing the right attorney makes a huge difference when you are charged with a criminal case.  With over thirty years of experience and defending more than two thousand DUI cases, you need my experience to come with you into the courtroom.  I have a passion for DUI/OVI defense cases and have been certified with numerous agencies and associations to ensure that you receive the most informed and capable defense attorney to handle your case. 

If you've been charged with a DUI/OVI, then you need to call my office.  I have successfully handled cases all over Ohio, and have had success in numerous courts around the area, including Xenia, Fairborn, Beavercreek, Springboro, and many more!