DUI Laywer in Dayton

Alcohol and car keys at a party in Dayton.

Have you or a loved one been arrested for drinking and driving?  Then you will need an attorney.  Larry J. Denny is a local Dayton DUI lawyer who can help.  You deserve an attorney that knows both the ins and outs of the law and also knows how to help you and give you peace of mind.  We will help you every step of the way to get you through the process and to the outcome you deserve.

We offer free consultations 24 hours a day to assist you in understanding what charges have been brought against you and what the next steps are.  DUI charges are not to be taken lightly.  You can lose your license, pay hefty fines, or even go to jail.  Every situation is different.  Hiring the right attorney is paramount in not only preventing the worst outcomes but to protecting your rights.  We have 37 years of defense experience in driving while intoxicated charges.

So if you have recently been arrested for DUI, call the Law Office of Larry J. Denny, your Dayton DUI lawyer.  We have the knowledge and understanding.  We will give you the personal attention and are focused on your individual situation.   There is no use in waiting, schedule your appointment today.